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pest control service in bilaspur

TAS home service not only assured you about the trustworthy and genuine pest control service but also guarantees you an utter customer satisfaction. TAS home service dedicated to provide best customer experience and quality of service in best price. Customer does not need worry about the quality of work all things catered by us.

Why TAS home service?

Services covered by our experts in pest control service

We have most experienced pest control service providers and we are specialists in

  • Anti-cockroach treatment
  • Anti- rodent treatment
  • Anti- termite treatment
  • General pest services
  • Anti- bed bugs treatment

TAS home service certified vendor uses modern pest control techniques to eradicate their colonies and keep them from coming back. One phone call is all what it takes to arrange pest inspection for your house or office in raipur and other adjoining areas. After quick inspection, we will provide best pest control solutions that should be effective and environmentally friendly.

Hiring guide for pest control service in bilaspur

If you are tired of being let down by a professional pest control service in terms of best customer service, this is where TAS home service stands. We work tirelessly to keep your home pest free from top to bottom and end to end.

Just choose kind of cleaning service you are looking for after that schedule your time slot as your time is precious for us we will send you an expert service provider accordingly. The price will be standard and after completion of the work, you can pay either through offline or through online.

All About Services

    Working Procedure

  • TAS Highly Trained Professionals will be completely equipped with PPE( Personal Protective Equipment for the treatment)
  • It is suggested that after sanitizing and disinfecting process no one should use any premises for at least 2 hours so that chemical sprayed over that will get dried and all the germs and bacteria will be killed.
  • All sensitive Equipment like Computer, Laptop, Tv etc. Must be covered with thin plastic or something like that and customer need to ensure it.
  • AC must be turned off before the treatment.

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