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sanitizing and disinfecting service in bilaspur

TAS Home Service not only assured you about the trustworthy and genuine Sanitization services but also guarantees you an utter customer satisfaction. TAS Home Service gives 100% quality assurance guaranteed, Meant to say we are so confident on our expert team. We Use best Machine, material and appropriate technique for Disinfection and Sanitizing Service.

Why TAS home service?

Services covered by our experts in sanitizing and disinfecting service

We apply the best Sanitizing & Disinfecting material That is highly effective to combat germ, virus, bacteria like Covid- 19. Industry we serve

  • Hotel Sanitizing Service
  • Residential Sanitizing Service
  • Corporate Office Sanitizing Service
  • School / Collage Sanitizing Service
  • Gym or Health Club Sanitizing Service

Hiring guide for sanitizing and disinfecting service in bilaspur

We provide a professional Sanitizing and Disinfecting Service by using most appropriate technique and material that can combat all Germs, Virus, and Bacteria aptly with effective client support. We give full attention to keep you & your living area safe. Our highly trained expert works indefatigably to accomplishing great outcomes that promised to provide you.

All About Services

    Working Procedure

  • TAS Highly Trained Professionals will be completely equipped with PPE( Personal Protective Equipment for the treatment)
  • It is suggested that after sanitizing and disinfecting process no one should use any premises for at least 2 hours so that chemical sprayed over that will get dried and all the germs and bacteria will be killed.
  • All sensitive Equipment like Computer, Laptop, Tv etc. Must be covered with thin plastic or something like that and customer need to ensure it.
  • AC must be turned off before the treatment.

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